hi, i would like to add a serial number validation to my java prorgram, i would like to add it to first time, to unlock the program for use. it should connect to a section of the website where all the serials are stored, lets call it http://www.example.com/productpro/serials, it will be password protected and the program should connect to it and view the serials, check if the entered serial is correct, and unlock the program if it is and tell them wrong if not correct. thats part 1.

part 2 is a little more complex. after a purchase using 'opencart' it will email them the serial and also add the serial to the list at http://www.example.com/productpro/serials. once a serial is used, it should be removed from the list. if you have to use php or asp, use php.

please give me a few examples of how to do that. refer to part 1 as 1. and part 2 as 2.