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Thread: Transmitting Microphone Data

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    Transmitting Microphone Data

    Hey all
    I didnt know what forum would be appropriate for this thread so i am just posting it here

    I want to use another computers microphone as a recording device on my computer.
    The computers are connected through a wireless ad-hoc network... Any suggestions as to where i should start? ?

    Basically want to overcome my computers hardware limitations... Is it possible???


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    Re: Transmitting Microphone Data

    Yes, it is possible - but you need to write two programs for it.

    - One program that runs on the computer with the microphone. It needs to record the audio from the microphone and then send that over the network to the your computer.

    - The second program that runs on your computer and will receive the data from the first program and plays it back on your computer or writes it to disk (or whatever you meed to do with it).

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