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Thread: how to open .csv file

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    how to open .csv file

    hi ,this is jagadeesh kumar ,in my project i have to open existing .csv file using c# and how cani add another sheet to that file . please help me.
    thank you in advance

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    Re: how to open .csv file

    Quote Originally Posted by jagadeeshv View Post
    hi ,this is jagadeesh kumar ,in my project i have to open existing .csv file using c# and how cani add another sheet to that file . please help me.
    thank you in advance
    Simple use the Excel classes by adding them to the project. Which one depends on what excel file it should create e.g. Excel 2003 or 2007

    The open command can open the file and then save it as a separate xls or xlsx file. Then close Workbook and quit ecel application Thats all
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    Re: how to open .csv file

    CSV stands for comma seperated values. A record is stored on each row with fields seperated by commas. So if you had a CSV file representing students with three fields - name, age, grade - then you could get a file that looks like:

    You could read them with something like this
    System.IO.StreamReader r = new StreamReader(path);
    while( !r.EndOfStream )
        string line = r.ReadLine();     //Read the line
        string[] fields = line.Split(','); //Split the line into fields whenever a comma is encountered
        //Parse fields into appropriate datatypes
        string name = fields[0];
        int age = Int32.Parse(fields[1]);
        double grade = Double.Parse(fields[2]);
        //Do something with these 
    Beware, some CSV files use quotes around fields. Usually this is done to allow commas to be stored in the fields. A slightly more complicated parsing routine would be needed.

    Sheets are a property of excel (.xls or .xlsx files), not of CSV files. The closest you could come would be to write another CSV file.
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    Re: how to open .csv file

    And, you have to replace the file in each case

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