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Thread: video processing - languages and libraries?

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    video processing - languages and libraries?


    I am looking for a programming language that would suit development of an application that could process video feeds for motion detection and object recognition. Would like to have this running on a Linux platform, and trying to keep it as open-source as possible. I have experience with Java so that would be my preference. I have briefly looked into some Java graphic libraries, JMF being the default but appears to be a little aged/stale. Have also looked into Xuggle, GStreamer and v4l4j.

    It looks like this is mainly a C++ forum I have read that C/C++ tends be more efficient, so I guess would Java be suitable for video processing? If Java is not the way to go please let me know what you would suggest or what have you used in the past.

    I have seen one example application called Motion, this was developed using C and the video4linux interface.

    I donít want to start a technology debate, just any ideas would be appreciated, either comments on languages you have used, API/libraries that were useful Ė in particular with motion detection, video and image manipulation capabilities.


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    Re: video processing - languages and libraries?

    Openvc (written by Intel and now supported by Willow Garage) has proved popular, but it is primarily written for C/C++. See

    According to the Wikipedia page on opencv, there is a Java wrapper called JavaCV. I know nothing about it. See and

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    Re: video processing - languages and libraries?

    Hi, thanks for the response. Yes I had independently decided to use OpenCV, and reading your post just reenforced that


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