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Thread: How Much Would It Cost To....?

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    How Much Would It Cost To....?

    I'm interested on hiring a programmer in the near future and I just wanted to get some price estimates on it. This is what I'm wanting to be made:

    A Gaming Site With:

    -Users can vote on new games to keep or get rid of before they are officially published
    -Ad system just for this site
    -Unique design

    So what are some estimates it may cost me?

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    Re: How Much Would It Cost To....?

    No offense at all meant here, but your question is a lot like "I want to buy a new car - it needs to have at least two doors and four wheels and an engine." You could buy a Kia or something that would get you where you need to go, meet all your needs, and go easy on your wallet, or you could buy an S-class AMG that would kick everybody's arse and make the ladies' hearts beat faster. You could likely get something semi-custom meeting your needs for the low to mid four figures, or spend up to 100k on a fully customized enterprise system. The answer involves many more metrics than you listed (like how many users do you expect - both at first and over time, do you want to store/sell the games or just review them, are you handling downloads or linking to official download sites, do you want mobile and desktop viewability and if so, what platforms, how grsphics-rich do you want the site to be - like an example of an existing site with comparable "richness," how do you want the site served (onsite, managed, cloud), who will manage and administer the site, do you have any language or software parameters you need followed (like PHP, .NET, what database software), what licenses do you own, etc.

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