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    Mesome32 Guest

    Lightbulb Dla

    So i had an idea for a new project that's like a digital life assistant i was thinking about using msagents but i dont hava a clue on how to use them but here is a list of what id like him to do i am looking for code snippets for csharp
    -voice recognition
    -weather checking abilities
    -rss feeds
    -gmail checking

    -and i'd like to know how to give him an A.I. so he can be a friend

    Like i said i have know idea on how to use the microsoft agents.

    Mesome 32

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    Re: Dla

    Wow. That is an extremely ambitious project that you, Google, and about 15 years' experience should be able to tackle without a problem. For "code snippets," try Google:

    "C-sharp voice recognition"
    "C-sharp check weather"
    "C-sharp neural network" <--for ai
    etc. If you get stuck on something specific, then search this forum & if you can't find anything, post. We're happy to help.

    If you are *really* serious about doing something like you have dreamed of, then don't start with it. Start small - developing much smaller, simpler programs that incorporate only a small part of what you're ulitmately trying to do. Programming is a knowledge that builds on past experience, and attempting to take in too much at once will lead to confusion about it all. I can *promise* you that this is waaaayyy too complex to put together with snippets -- you will actually need to learn both logic fundmentals and syntax on a pretty deep level. Point is, this is not something that could be thrown together in a few days by even the best of programmers (it incoporates several areas of comp sci which encompass entire careers).

    Start small, work hard, search well, and remember we're here to anser specific questions if you get stuck. Good luck!

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