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Thread: Help me please

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    Help me please


    I need save two values into array,dictionary,....

    After I need find a value into them. What's the fastest way to do it.

    Is better array or dictionary for find quickly a value.

    Thanks very much

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    Re: Help me please

    It depends on the type of data you are storing. Dictionary data, with key/value pairs, offers the easiest way to look up a value - but that ease is really only valuable if the data should be stored as key:value pairs. If you have to create a set of keys just so you can look up your values, then Dictionary is not worth it.

    In the future, please try to name your thread something more specific than "need help please." No one knows what you neeed help with. You'll get more responses by using something like "Which is Better, Array or Dictionary For Quickly Finding Value?"

    What is your data?

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    Re: Help me please

    Hi mrgr8avill:

    Excuse me by my title,but my english isn't good.

    I need save two values, one is an integer(key) and the other is a string (value).

    I enter a string in a textbox and then I need find this string into de dictionary,array etc values then I need do it as quick as possible. There are a lot of values in the dictionary or array,... and I want to know which is the fastest way to do it.

    Is better convert string to long so it is faster to find?

    Thanks very much mrgr8avill.

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