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    Array of Controls with Xaml

    I've not done much with Xaml, but am using it for a Win8 app I'm building. In a WinForm app, I can easily create an array of controls that I can display. Is there a way to create an array of controls in Xaml? The array makes it much easier to manipulate the controls in looks versus drawing individual controls.

    For example, if I wanted to create a 4x4 grid of buttons in an array in a Win8 App, what would be the best approach? Anyone have any sample code of something like this?



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    Re: Array of Controls with Xaml

    In XAML, it's best to do the layouting using one of the layouting controls, such as a Grid, StackPanel, and so on.
    So, for a 4x4 grid, you should use the Grid panel.
    You can probably (never tried it though) change the number of columns/rows of your Grid control at runtime and insert new controls at runtime.
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    Re: Array of Controls with Xaml

    How to use array in Java

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