hello I am trying to open a screen with an image saying hello. It shows no errors on xcode, but when I run the program, the screen pops up black. It is just a black screen, and doesnt show the image saying hello. I heard that the solution is to put the image into the same directory, so I dragged it onto xcode. Still, it shows up black. I really would appreciate all help . Thanks. P.S Am i not putting it into the directory correctly? How do I put the image into the same directory as the project? thank you!!!
#include "SDL/SDL.h"

int main( int argc, char* args[] )
    //The images
    SDL_Surface* hello = NULL;
    SDL_Surface* screen = NULL;
    //Start SDL
    //Set up screen
    screen = SDL_SetVideoMode( 640, 480, 32, SDL_SWSURFACE );
    //Load image
    hello = SDL_LoadBMP( "hello.bmp" );
    //Apply image to screen
    SDL_BlitSurface( hello, NULL, screen, NULL );
    //Update Screen
    SDL_Flip( screen );
    SDL_Delay( 2000 );
    //Free the loaded image
    SDL_FreeSurface( hello );
    //Quit SDL
    return 0;