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Thread: Error c2678

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    Error c2678

    Ok, so I have researched and researched and have been through my code dozens of times, and I can not seem to figure out why I keep getting:

    error C2678: binary '>>' : no operator found which takes a left-hand operand of type 'std::istream'

    here's a snippet of my code:

    #include "ItemType.h"
    void ItemType::addListing(ofstream& output) const
    		cout << "sorry cannot open file!" << endl;
    			cout << "please enter name of channel: ";
    			cin >> channel; //This is where I keep getting the error
    			output << channel << endl;
    Also note that I have included #include <string> and #include <iostream> in ItemType.h

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    Re: Error c2678

    You didn't show the definition of the variable causing the error, channel.

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    Re: Error c2678

    If channel is not a built-in type (bool, char, int, double, etc.) not a library class (such as std::string) that has overloaded the operator >>, then you need to explicitly overload operator>> to be able to use it like you did.
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