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Thread: Issue converting python code to c++

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    Issue converting python code to c++

    I am trying to solve a project euler prob 26 solution. I stumbled across a link that uses python to solve it. Here is the code snippet:
    The IsPrime function is different which does not seem to cause any issues.
    n = 997 #starting prime closest to limit
    for p in range(n, 1 ,-2):
    if not is_prime(p): continue
    c = 1
    while (pow(10, c) - 1) % p != 0:
    c += 1
    if (p-c) == 1: break

    print "Answer to PE26 = ",p

    I want to execute the same program on C++. But, the program does not complete(keeps on looping on the while loop below). I donít know python that well. Can it be explained to me if the following code snippet is right in c++?

    int p = 0;
    int n = 997;
    int c=0;
    for ( p=n;p>1;p-2)

    while (((int)pow(10.0,c) Ė 1) % p != 0)
    c += 1;

    if (p-c==1)


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    Re: Issue converting python code to c++

    Please post code in [code][/code] bbcode tags. This is especially important for Python code since indentation can be significant.
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