QuinStreet (owner of CodeGuru and lots of other sites - many that are not technical) has a number of technical openings. You can find the openings at:


If you apply, put my name and Codeguru down in the referrer ("Brad Jones / Codeguru") You can apply online.

The specific positions open when I posted this are listed below. The links should take you to more information as well as a link to apply. You can see there are a variety of different locations for these positions:

.NET Web Developer 0338 Engineering Edmond, Oklahoma
Java Developer Brazilian Websites 0401 Engineering Sao Paulo, Brazil
Java Web Developer 0283 Engineering Foster City, CA
PHP Developer 0269 Engineering Foster City, CA
PHP Programmer - Editorial Division 0413 Engineering Reno, NV
PHP Web Developer 0437 Engineering Foster City, CA
Senior Technical Product Manager 0427 Engineering Foster City, CA
Sr. Software Engineer-Pune, II 0040 Engineering Pune, India