I have created a datagrid which displays a Table of records populating from a Database
& would like to animate the cells of the datagrid when certain condition is met.
For this I created a converter class named **BlinkConverter** that inherits IValueConverter.

to put this converter into action, I have mapped the project namespace onto the xaml editor as


Note :BlinkApplication is the name of my Project

After adding this, I am trying to create an instance of my "BlinkConvertor" class for Binding with Windows.Resources collection as

<local:BlinkConverter x:key="Blink"></local:BlinkConverter>

here my Intellisense is not detecting the class BlinkCoverter after I type "local: " , even if I try to type, I have an error stating "The type local:BlinkConverter was not found. Verify that you are missing an assembly reference and that all referenced assemblies have been built."

Even though I have added the entire project under the xmlns in my xaml editor .
What is wrong here ? have I missed any reference ?