I'm currently creating an app which will pull certain @Twitter feeds as well as certain Twitter #hashtags and show them in an Windows 8 Modern UI app - C# and XAML. Showing these feeds in-app works great, but I want to notify the user with a toast notification whenever a new tweet is either posted by one of the certain @Twitter users, OR when a new tweet is marked with a certain #hashtag. I've tried using Azure for this, and the code snippet below is from my Azure test environment, but it doesn't work (nothing happens when I launch the app locally, and then post a Twitter comment - simply changed to 9GAG for "privacy").

The code is basically based on the link below, and Azure default code.
(based on: http://webhole.net/2...ts-from-a-user/)

function insert(item, user, request) {

var oldTweetId=0;
var username="9gag";
var url='http://api.twitter.com/1/statuses/user_timeline/'+username+'.json?callback=?';

function checkStream()
push.wns.sendToastText04( {
text1: "ny tweet!"
}, {
success: function(pushResponse) {
console.log("Sent push:", pushResponse);

Would anyone know how to actually make this work? I've tried a few different approaches, but to avoid unnecessary non-working code snippets, I'll post my latest one (which doesn't work).