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Thread: Simplest 3D physics engine

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    Simplest 3D physics engine

    I am just looking for advice, what is the simplest 3D physics engine that you have used, that works well?

    All I need to be able to represent is a spherical ground (planet), one or more tetrahedrons, with 1 or 0 cylinders coming out of each face, which might connect to other tetrahedrons. The tetrahedrons and cylinders have weight and can rotate around their connection point in 1 direction.

    Basically, they are simple digital robots that need to walk around, so I don't need something with the complexity of Havok or Newton.

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    Re: Simplest 3D physics engine

    They are dime a dozen just do a search on soruceforge , however just be aware that the more established one are easy to use with much more documentation and tutorials.

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