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Thread: Jpeg Decoder

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    Jpeg Decoder

    Hi everyone,

    I am using C/C++, and I am trying to decode a jpeg image. My images are small in size (320x240), but the processor that the code has to run on is very slow.

    I found that some of my options are libjpeg and OpenCV (even though I haven't worked with any of these libraries before).

    Before I start downloading all the library files, I would need some help as far as which one would decode images faster?

    My main concern is speed. Does anyone have some idea which one would be a slightly faster decoder compared to the other one?

    If anyone knows of any other decoder library (for C/C++) that is even faster, please advise.

    I would appreciate some help.


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    Re: Jpeg Decoder

    Since you seem to be targeting a specific platform, I would just test the performance of different libraries on some real data with your target platform.
    Cheers, D Drmmr

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    Re: Jpeg Decoder

    libjpeg-turbo is a branch of libjpeg6 that has dramatically increased performance. It's used by Firefox, Chrome, Fedora...

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