As an experiment, we have decided to offer everyone interested a PVS-Studio registration key for 5 days to study its 64-bit diagnostics more thoroughly.

The PVS-Studio demo version is absolutely full-function. It is sufficient to study the tool and get familiar with its capabilities. The user has up to 200 clicks to navigate through code fragments the analyzer considers to be probably incorrect. We believe it's quite enough for the user to decide if he/she likes the tool or not.

However, that might be insufficient in case you are searching for 64-bit errors. Many of the 64-bit warnings are false positives or are irrelevant to this program, as fragments they point to cannot cause errors. That's why the restriction of 200 messages you can click to navigate through the code may prevent you from forming a definite opinion of the tool.

We have been watching an increasing interest towards development of 64-bit software lately. Perhaps this has to do with the release of Embarcadero RAD Studio XE3 Update 1 that has learned now to compile 64-bit applications. Or maybe it's just that the time has come.

We've decided to carry out an experiment: we offer you a 5-day registration key for PVS-Studio. It will be valid through April 21, 2013.

You can download PVS-Studio here:

Name: PVS-Studio FreeKey

Key: DW5G-263J-0EZ0-7GRA

We hope that this key will help you to study the capabilities of the 64-bit analyzer unit in detail.

We are not worried that somebody can do a complete analysis of their projects for free within this time. First, it's a difficult task in case of large projects. Second, static analysis implies regular use, not occasional fights. You use compiler warnings regularly, not once in a year, don't you?