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    error:cannot implicity string to label

    i want to show my result on a lable which i want to use in a method of book class

    class Book
    Form1 newform = new Form1();
    public string BookTitle;
    public string BookAuthor;
    public string PublishDate;
    public const string Publisher = "MICROSOFT";
    public void GetDetails()
    // showing error here cannot implicity string to lable
    newform.lbl_view_title = this.BookTitle;
    private void btnMain_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
    CSharp.BookTitle = textBox1.Text;
    CSharp.BookAuthor = textBox2.Text;
    CSharp.PublishDate = textBox3.Text;

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    Re: error:cannot implicity string to label

    I don't have access to look this up in msdn right now, but the label should have a Text property.

    newform.lbl_view_title.Text = this.BookTitle;

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    Re: error:cannot implicity string to label

    lol clearly you can only set it to its Text property. Label is a COntrol object.

    Try pressing the . key next to the labelfield name. It shows you the Text property.
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