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    Need Help on Loading Data in HTML Choose Your Own Adventure Game

    Well I am trying to make a Choose Your Own Adventure Game in HTML(with JS) and I currently have a save function which works pretty well, you make a character (race, name, and gender), it saves a text file with the race, name and gender written inside the .txt file named "Character_<name>.txt", what I want to do is save the file, then when you hit load it opens a File Input and you search for the file and open it up. <-- That's where I am at.

    But I do not know what to do after that... I would like it to read the file and extract the data. Maybe it would be better if it was XML not a text file. But I do not know how to save those files.

    So if anyone can help me, you will get a spot in the game's credits when it is done.

    P.S. It is going to be a downloaded game, not a Server hosted game, so all the stuff is client side, not server side.

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    Re: Need Help on Loading Data in HTML Choose Your Own Adventure Game

    HTML based isn't really the implementation you should be using for such. This would require being IE only due to file system restrictions. Also, being client-side, anyone could easily alter code.
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