SMISS software outsourcing company announces about the second release of its major project website for IHK organization. IHK is a German analogue of worldwide known Chamber of Commerce organization. Being considered as one of the main projects of the company in the field of PHP development, this project release is a big news for the company. The website is dedicated to providing all the information about the organization and different courses it provides.
In Germany IHK is considered to be a big platform for learning and communicating with regards to different issues in business and world economy. The website developed by SMISS possesses full functionality to provide these purposes being realized. The website includes a number of features that are as follows:

  • - registration online for the courses;
  • - several registration forms, such as member, company, etc.;
  • - the makeup was realized with the ability to view the pages in different scale;
  • - ability to choose the different date of the same course;
  • - dynamic managing of the main page including design and structure;
  • - a module for banners downloads;
  • - function for importing courses and their descriptions in .pdf using admin panel;
  • - module for newsletters;
  • - publications downloads;
  • - managing of users from back-end;
  • - dynamic registration form.

The latest changes include synchronization with 'Karat' ERP system and its database. The information within the system is dynamically updated with the use of XML files. This allows to realize data exchange between the website and ERP. This is the first successful example of integration 'Karat' with a website. The project has been made before the deadline. SMISS continues working with IHK.

About SMISS:

SMISS software outsourcing company was founded in 2006 and since that time has developed several large- and middle-scale information systems and more than 100 smaller Internet-systems, e-shops, websites for the customers worldwide.