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    Alignment on Printer.print

    Hi guys!

    after many problems with data reports, crystal reports and things like that, i'm decided to use the Printer.print.

    I made a simple class, that class receive a ListView Control and after i export the data of the listview to some array. Finally i can get the columheader titles, and the other records to print through the printer.print.

    After got all the listview lines, i print them column by column, and i'm looking for some way to auto generate the spaces between columns. This way, that class could receive only a listview control and auto generate a report.

    any idea to auto generate column spaces on my document made by Printer.print?

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    Re: Alignment on Printer.print

    Can't you use the Space$() function?
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    Re: Alignment on Printer.print

    IMHO You are going to have more problems using Printer object than using "DataReport or Crystal Reports or things like that"

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    Re: Alignment on Printer.print

    I generally use the Printer.CurrentX and Printer.CurrentY for positioning the text of the page where I want it.

    Using a report tool would be much easier but if you must use the Printer object I would suggest using CurrentX and CurrentY as that gives you full control
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    Re: Alignment on Printer.print

    Thanks a lot to all of you...

    I'm almost reaching my objective!

    Now, i offer to user some options to customize the report layout... options like font size and font style. But, when i change this options, it seems to load the options to memory and when i try to change again, i lost my text align.

    Can i reset all the last propertis of the printer.print?

    :P i think, solving this problem i will be finished.

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