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    Having problems with Image Manipulation when loading several images (Windows 8 c#)

    I'm developing a program with Windows 8 c#, that saves and loads .xml file where i save image's paths and their coordinates on a canvas.

    The situation here is that i want to have an edit button to update the image coordinates, through manipulating it, and when i receive a xml file with just one image, i have no problem. It draws the image in perfection. But when i have to load a xml that have 2 or more images, i have problems during their manipulation: only after i manipulate the last image that is added to canvas, i can manipulate all the others. (by the way i don't have any problem with load or save xml files)

    You can get check my stuff downloading it from here:!450

    How the app works:

    1- Run the application and Click on Load Images. Locate the XML file and click OK.

    2- Click on Add Images.

    3- Press on first left image and try to move it.

    Actual Behavior:

    - What i'm talking about is when you select an image (e.g. the left image), the application selects the image without any problem, and when you try to move it, the image moved it the last image that i have on XML file (the top middle button). If you move the last image, now i have control of all images.

    Excepted behavior:

    - Move the image that i want and control all images without knowing which is the last image inserted to get this control.

    PS: I thought if i create an auto event to move a bit of the last image using manipulation delta, i can have this problem fixed. What do you think? Is it possible to create an auto event to fake manipulation event?

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    Re: Having problems with Image Manipulation when loading several images (Windows 8 c#

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