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    Super Jumbo Frames on Windows

    I have a PC connected directly to a DSP by Ethernet.

    Is it possible to get Windows (XP or 7) to send frames significantly larger than 9KB?
    If so, how?

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    Re: Super Jumbo Frames on Windows

    at the app level this works anyway and the network layer will split it up into subpackets smaller than whatever MTU is set between both endpoints.

    If you want to actually send larger network packets. then things will be harder.
    All of the hardware (the network card, switch, routers, etc) will need to support the larger frames.
    Gigabit is usually limited at 9K so going beyond that will not work on a lot of hardware.

    If your networkcard and all intermediates support it, you can change the MTU size in the network card advanced properties under the "jumbo packet" setting.

    - you'll need to be running gigabit (or fiber, or higher)
    - you'll need to be running IPV6
    - all your hardware will need to support it

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