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    Datagridview giving errors on adding a new row on the comboboxcell


    I have problems with a comboboxcolumn in a datagridview: As I want to insert a new row, I get a "System.ArgumentException: The value of the DataGridViewComboBoxCell is invalid." I am using Linq to SQL to populate the data from different tables:

    - Table Customer (ID (key), Name,...)
    - Table Address (ID (key), CustomerID, Street,...)
    - Table ContactPerson (ID (key), AddressID, Name, Title,...)

    My Linq query to populate the ContactDataGridView(which is bound to the TextBox RelationIdTextBox), is following:
        var y = from r in BH.Relations
                            where r.RelationID.ToString() == relationIDTextBox.Text
                            join v in BH.Addresss on r.RelationID equals v.RelationID
                            join c in BH.ContactPersons on v.AddressID equals c.AddressID
                            select c;
        contactPersonsBindingSource.DataSource = y;
        ContactDataGridView.DataSource = contactPersonsBindingSource;
    This works fine.

    In this ContactDataGridView I have a ComboBoxCell AddressID which populates the streetnames instead of the AddressID, using following linq query:
        var addr = from a in BH.Addresss
                               where a.RelationID.ToString() == relationIDTextBox.Text
                               select new { AddressID = a.AddressID, Street = a.Street };
        ContactAddressBindingSource = addr;
    This works fine as well.

    That is, untill I want to add a new row in this datagridview. Then I get the error "System.ArgumentException: The value of the DataGridViewComboBoxCell is invalid."

    Can anyone help to make me understand what I am doing wrong? I really cannot figure it out!


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    Re: Datagridview giving errors on adding a new row on the comboboxcell

    I tried it with other tables within my Database, and I keep getting the same errors. I noticed that I only get this error when the comboboxcell may not contain null values. Now, how can I prevent this error and let the user decide which value he wants to select from within the possible values in this combobox?

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