Please specify the version of Java you are using when you post a question.

There are other several ways to indicate your version of Java to the other members :
  • Type the Java version in your post, along with the question.
  • You could also have a Thread Title containing the version of Java you are using, for example :
    [J2ME] Applets.
  • Put the Version of Java in your Signature. To do this follow these steps:
    • Click User CP (in the top left corner of your screen)
    • Once in your Control Panel, click Edit Signature
    • Insert your Java version in your signature
  • Put the version Information in your Location. To do this, follow these steps :

    • Click User CP (in the top left corner of your screen)
    • Select Edit Profile
    • In the Location Box (Where You Live)
    • Type in your Java version

Doing any one of the above options clearly identifies your version information, and ensures that members give the correct answers.

By not including version information, it will be assumed that J2ME is used, and questions will be answered, based on J2ME

Please, specify your Java version when you post a question.

Also note, when posting code, Please make use of
tags, like:

   'Your nicely indented code goes here

A list of usable tags can be found here

Please also remember to mark your Thread as Resolved once you are satisfied with your answer(s). To do this, follow these steps :
  • Just above your first post in the thread, you will see a Toolbar item named Thread Tools
  • Click Thread Tools
  • Select Mark Thread As Resolved from the menu

How does Reputation & Ratings work?

In addition to the code tags, please also consider the following...

When posting:
Be Specific

Asking a general question, expect a general answer.
Use descriptive titles. "Need Help" or "noob question" doesn't tell us anything, and therefore we cannot help.

Think about what you're posting

Has it been asked before? Do a search on the forum.
Please provide as much information as possible. Do not simply say "It does not work". Provide error descriptions, and the appropriate line(s) which produces the error.

Do Not Double Post Or Cross Post

If you haven't received any responses to your post, try asking it in a different way On The Same Thread.
If you think you have posted in the wrong forum, let me know, by sending me a Private Message or Reporting the thread and I might be able to move it.

Please behave

We are all adults here, let us act like it. Do not like something someone said or done? Report the post. Do not engage in flame wars. Behave like kids and I will treat you like kids.

JavaScript is not Java

Scripting is for JavaScript.
This Forum is for Java and Java related questions. ie any Java question, connecting to a DB using Java, JSP/Servlets, etc.


When posting code, it might be a good idea to "Disable Smilies in This Post"
Please don't email, or use the PM to ask a question. Don't ask people to email you. In turn, please don't email someone an answer. You never know when your question/answer might help someone else.
If you find the answer before someone has answered your post, how about posting your solution? Again you might help someone else in the future.
If you have some cool code that you would like to share, feel free to post it.


*used some text from Goodz13