Hey guys,

I'm looking for a new Java programmer to join my team. We are working on porting a big iPhone app to Android, and we'd need your help!

One important thing is that the application uses Bluetooth to sync with a physical Bluetooth device. A big part of your work will involve coding the Bluetooth library of the application, so it can connect and sync with the device. You'll also be working on other networking aspects and more.

You need to have a good experience with Java and Android SDK. You also need to have a very good knowledge and experience of Bluetooth. Having basic knowledge of Objective-C is also a bonus, as we are porting an Objective-C app to Java. You'll also need to be able to dedicate a good amount of time to the project. And of course, I want someone motivated who can easily work with one or two other programmers.

I'll tell you more about our current project in private. The project would last around 2 months. But afterwards, if you did a great job, we can surely build a longer term relationship, as I'll probably have more work to offer you!

If you think you have what we need, please drop me an email at contact@highupstudio.com and we'll talk more. Please include your portfolio or experience, especially networking experience, as well as an approximative hourly salary (the work won't be paid hourly, but it help me get an idea of what are your expectations and if you are a good fit).

I encourage everyone to send me an email, especially students or people wanting to build a portfolio with a great project!