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    [RESOLVED] How to restrict a user to enter particular DataGridView Column?

    Hi, I wish to restrict columns for user entries. While the users click or enters into Column_1 or Column_2, I wish to focus to a cell in same row & column_3.So I tried by the following ways, it's not succeeded...

    It's giving "Re-Entrant call to a SetCurrentCellAddress Core function", error...

    Note : May be Column-3 is DataGridViewComboBox Column....

    Thanks for the helps

    private: System::Void MyDataGrid1_CellEnter(System::Object^ Sender, System::Windows::Forms:ataGridViewCellEventArgs^ e) {
    if (e->RowIndex>0 && (e->ColumnIndex==1 || e->ColumnIndex==2)) {
    myDataGrid1->Rows[myDataGrid1->CurrentCell->RowIndex]->Cells[3]->Selected = true;
    myDataGrid1->SelectionMode = DataGridViewSelectionMode::CellSelect;
    myDataGrid1->MultiSelect = false;

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    Re: How to restrict a user to enter particular DataGridView Column?

    I'd suggest you carefully examine the call stack displayed when the exception gets thrown. This may give invaluable hints how you can reslolve the issue.

    It may already help to handle a different event to pursue your goal, like SelectionChanged or CurrentCellChanged (admittedly, these two don't really get passed much useful inforation as their parameters, just the DGV itself as sender) or CellStateChanged. A strategically placed re-entry guard using a bool flag may also help. And as a last resort I can think of deriving your own class from DataGridView and overriding SetCurrentCellAddressCore(), perhaps iplementing a re-entry guard there, though this may get a bit hackish.

    Finally, a bit of code simplification may already resolve the conflict. For instance, do you really need to set myDataGrid1->SelectionMode here? I don't actually think this particular instruction is the culprit, just as an example.

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    Re: How to restrict a user to enter particular DataGridView Column?

    Thanks Eri, I solve by the following way

    private: System::Void MyDataGrid1_EditingControlShowing(System::Object^ Sender, DataGridViewEditingControlShowingEventArgs^ e) {
    if (myDataGrid1->CurrentCell->ColumnIndex == 1 || myDataGrid1->CurrentCell->ColumnIndex == 2 ) {
    myDataGrid1->EditingControl->KeyPress -= gcnew KeyPressEventHandler(this, &Form1::EditingControl_KeyPress);
    myDataGrid1->EditingControl->KeyPress += gcnew KeyPressEventHandler(this, &Form1::EditingControl_KeyPress);
    private: System::Void EditingControl_KeyPress(System::Object^ Sender, KeyPressEventArgs^ e) {
    if (myDataGrid1->CurrentCell->ColumnIndex == 1 || myDataGrid1->CurrentCell->ColumnIndex == 2) {
    myDataGrid1->Rows[myDataGrid1->CurrentCell->RowIndex]->Cells[4]->Selected = true;
    e->Handled = true;

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