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Thread: C Vs C++

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    C Vs C++

    I am working on Php, so I do not now know much about C or C++

    What are the advantages of using C over C++?

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    Re: C Vs C++

    IMHO, only if your compiler cannot compile C++ code.
    Victor Nijegorodov

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    Re: C Vs C++

    If you are doing standard programming, then you are likely going to want to use C++ instead of C. C++ is object oriented and thus a bit more modern than C. C is not object oriented. C is often used in education (to learn programming) as well as used in embedded programming.

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    Re: C Vs C++

    Quote Originally Posted by kevin619 View Post
    What are the advantages of using C over C++?
    There's just one advantage of C over C++ and that's portability. If only one high level language is supported on a computer system then that language is C. And if many languages are supported then one of them is C. C is truely everywhere.

    So would I recommend C?

    No. C++ is an extension of C and this extension outweights by far the extreme portability of C which you most likely won't need. It's the extension that makes C++ a modern language in league with Java and C#. And C++ is very portable too.

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