We provide a development tool aimed at helping Visual C++ developers test and debug their applications and/or modules without attaching debuggers and break-pointing the code.

The tool implements a real-time debugging concept allowing developers to sample and inject data into their applications.

The user subscribes internal objects via the provided interface, those objects becoming accessible from outside the module using the VSDevAids GUI app. Users can use the GUI app to analyze or force the behavior of the subscribed data.

The tool is extremely handy for developing modules as it provides a way to test them prior to integration. Users gain the ability to inject module inputs with fixed values or waveform stimulus and observe the outputs for correct behavior.

The tool is also useful in an integrated environment as the user can sample and override inputs coming from other modules as well as override its own module outputs. This mechanism makes it very easy to track the object that generates issues.

Check our site at vsdevaids.webs.com for details, explanations and code samples. The tool is available with a free license (limited functionality) along with payed features.