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    Create a midi file using vb

    I am doing a mini vb program on midi files. I need help on how to create a midi file that only plays the musical notes. When the user press a key like C or A, the proocedure simply generate a midi tone that corresponds to only the pressed character and after ward saved the press character in midi form

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    Re: Create a midi file using vb

    You can get the key pressed in the keypressed event or you can use the keydown or KeyUp events beyond that would need more info from you.
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    Re: Create a midi file using vb

    the MIDI format is available for download, except that it is over 900 pages of text.

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    Re: Create a midi file using vb

    I've just done some work on this. Not sure if it's bisuitable for you, but my code accepts a table of values as a parameter and converts it into a MIDI file. It doesn't play the notes though. I'm currently using a program called MIDIox to handle the MIDI in and out streams. It's freeware and a really useful MIDI debugging tool. If you add a reference to that in your program, you can just call a method to send MIDI notes. There a good section on scripting in the MIDIox help text. If you have a lookup from ASCII value to MIDI out code, you can just output that. Eg, ASCII 67 for C might be note 60 (middle C in MIDI). Hope this helps. This is a good resource on the MIDI file format:

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