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Build your own SCADA Software that Integrating with GIS of data acquisition graphics application!

Many utilities` information environments have grown piecemeal, with each system implemented with a vertical view of its function. This includes the typical supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) and geographic information systems (GIS)-systems which when integrated, can provide real-time SCADA data on a geographic view of the electrical network, adding value to both. If your company need to build a very professional SCADA Software that Integrating with GIS, E-XD++ will be the best choice for you to do that.

"SCADA and GIS have become the key operational tools of the electricity distribution business. Creating interoperability between the two systems adds value to both SCADA and GIS, providing tools which allow us more significant information in the control room,"

E-XD++ Suite Gis and SCADA Visualization Source Code Suite with be the best choice for building this kind of application, it includes:

1). Can load and converting any kind of GIS data that based on ArcGis.
2). All the layers and database records will be imported.
3). A shapedesigner that will be used for symbols creating, any SVG based vector graphics will be imported.
4). All the features of ******** leading HMI & SCADA solution can be moved to this GIS solution.

Diagrams are a natural and intuitive way of expressing relationships in your application data. E-XD++ Components make it easy to add expressive, interactive graphics Design and graphics Simulation Visualization to your application. ********'s E-XD++ Diagram Component is the most comprehensive set of tools, components and libraries for creating graphical editing, visualization, supervision and monitoring tools for the VC++ / .NET platform.

For Building SCADA & GIS based application, it's very hard to build the GUI interface, this will take you much long time. With E-XD++, you will have a world - leading visualization GUI interface Source Code solution, it will saves you over 90% on building this kind of GUI.

With E-XD++ Enterprise Edition Suite, it has almost all the features of a very professional GIS and SCADA software on data acquisition & control Part:

It is created with 100% Visual C++ / MFC.

It supports from Visual Studio 6.0 to the latest Visual Studio 2013.

All the features of our GIS and SCADA source code solution are designed from start to make them to be full customized.

All of it's complete source codes will be shipped with full edition without any saving.

It supports SVG importing and exporting.

It supports ArcGIS importing.

It supports any kind of Animate, such as moving animate, sizing animate, rotating animate, GIF, etc.

It supports VBScript & JavaScript.

It has design mode + Run time mode

It supports loading many thousands of symbols within one screen, it is very high performance.

With shapedesigner application, you can use over 1000 kinds of basic shapes to create very complex graphics symbols.

The size of canvas can be customized freely.

Advanced print and print preview supports, you don't need take any time on print and print preview.

Export to bitmap file or jpeg file supports.

Panning and zooming.

With project setting, you can do circuit design and simulation at the same place.

Add any customize property values with one line codes.

Export any part of design to an image file.

Full tested on all windows platform includes windows vista.

Supports Visual Studio 6.0, Visual Studio.NET 2003, Visual Studio.NET 2005, Visual Studio.NET 2008, Visual Studio 2010, Visual Studio 2012

Ships with full documents and 100% source codes

All the source codes of the following screen shots will be shipped with full edition of E-XD++ Enterprise Edition Suite:

The main screen shot as below:
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"Diagramming business logic when developing a custom application is a time-consuming, tedious—and necessary—process. With E-XD++ Diagramming Source Code Kit, you can spend more time focusing on the finer points of your customer's business and less time worrying about making the business process diagram look good. "

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Through its Java, .NET and C++, and Flex/AIR graphics libraries and components, ******** provides the industry’s most comprehensive set of graphics tools for creating sophisticated, interactive user displays. ********'s graphics products enhance decision-making speed and ability by making vast quantities of complex data more comprehensible and manageable for users. Developers save 50 to 80 percent of development time when creating displays with ******** Visualization.

Download Prebuild Evaluation Kit of Solution

The leader in visualization component -- FULL VC++ Source Code Shipped!

XD++ Diagrammer Suite is the the world’s leading VC++ and .NET visualization component. Renowned for incredibly rich graphics, XD++ helps thousands developers build applications that offer unparalleled functionality. Outstanding productivity lowers project risk and reduces maintenance headaches. With 10 years of dedicated research and development, ******** leads the market for visualization technologies, providing outstanding customer support.

Powerful, flexible, and easy to use Diagram Components.
Powerful and flexible enough to create diagrams exactly the way you want them to appear. So easy to use that you will be able to prototype your application in just a few minutes.

Feature rich.
With features such as automatic layout, multiple layers, collapsible sub-graphs, snap-to connection points, XML, SVG, and more, E-XD++ Have the power and flexibility you need to create sophisticated diagrams, quickly and easily. Events such as click, double-click, hover, select, rubber-band select, copy, delete, resize and move are supported. Operations such as drag-and-drop, unlimited undo/redo, and clipboard operations are common and complex, and are expected by today's sophisticated users. it full supports importing ArcGis, SVG and DXF File format.

Performance and Scalability.
******** E-XD++ Capable of handling many thousands of nodes and edges, up to hundreds of thousands depending upon the complexity of the nodes you wish to draw and the operations you wish to allow. Our graphical classes are extremely lightweight objects enabling outstanding performance.

Save Time and Money and gain Reliability.
A diagram is worth 1,000 words, and E-XD++ is shipped with more than 500,000 lines of well designed and well tested code! It is used by hundreds of the world's most quality conscious companies. It will saves you thousands of hours of complex coding and years of maintenance.

The source codes of this sample is shipped with E-XD++ Library Enterprise Edition, order it now.

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