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    I'm wondering if you could give me some advice. I've been creating a program for a few weeks, teaching myself C# coding as previously I only knew Python and it's been going well until... Now. My program does a number of different things but essentially it reads data from a text file using a set timer and then displays that text based on the time given with the timer. That's all fine. The issue I'm having now is turning this program into a Web Service. I just wanted to see if it could run on a web service using VS 2012 but I've just been staring at my screen wondering how the hell I get it to work. Ie; how I get it to read the file, with the timer still working and display the data on a webservice. Can anyone suggest anything?

    I have attached a .txt of what my current code looks like so you know what I'm already working with. Anyone with any suggestions would be great.
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