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Thread: Multiplayer game development question

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    Multiplayer game development question

    Hello all,

    I am in need of some guidance on getting started on a project.

    Project details: I am looking to recreate(or reverse engineer) a game I played in the late-90s->2000s. This game was multiplayer and required login credentials. The game consisted of a lobby for all gamers to chat while choosing a game to join(a tavern). Once they chose with game to join, the game became a first person shooter.

    The dilemma is, I have very minimal coding abilities. The good news, I am a very dedicated person. I am looking for someone to help me get started, and I don't mean the coding aspect. I need someone to look at the old game files and determine which language I should begin to become proficient in to make this project happen. I need to know where to begin my journey. I have all the old game files except unfortunately the server back-end that will need to be coded. It's my goal to get a game plan in order and know what needs to be done to make this project happen.

    If anyone has the spare time to help a newbie out, It would be greatly appreciated.

    Private message me or reply below if interested.

    Thank you

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    Re: Multiplayer game development question

    If you plan to do this yourself, you should start small by doing some simple game tutorials and learning C#.

    After you get some basic programming skills, then move onto user authentication, multiplayer, and reverse engineering.

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    Re: Multiplayer game development question

    Doing game as you are planning to do has a lot of problems. Even when you are very dedcated (as you wrote ) You will run into Problems.
    a) Reverse Engineering is a problem itself. Have you ever seen code created that way? Even if your programming abiities are high and you are a skilled prorammer you will have problems to read it easily.
    b) Why doing it this way. In nearly all of the game licences it's forbidden.
    c) it's most times easier to make your own concept and creating your own pattern for how the game should react.
    d) Who should play this game.When it is near to the original it's illegal and you canot distribute it
    I would foget such a idea. Really !
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