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    Err 429 Could not load type 'ADODB.ErrorsToInternalErrorsMarshaler' from Assembly

    We converted an VB2008 app to VB2010. It is uses ODBC to connect with a MySQL database using the MyODBC driver. It is a 32 bit app.

    Connection string that has worked for years
    DRIVER={MySQL ODBC 5.1 Driver};DESC=;DB=dbname;;UID=%user%;PASSWORD=%password%

    The VB2008 program has been working for years on a number of clients.

    The VB2010 program works on the development machine fine.

    The on our client's machine it gets the error
    Err 429 Could not load type 'ADODB.ErrorsToInternalErrorsMarshaler' from Assembly. I could not find any hits on ErrorsToInternalErrorsMarshaler.

    What is this and how do I get it to work?


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    Re: Err 429 Could not load type 'ADODB.ErrorsToInternalErrorsMarshaler' from Assembly

    You really should be using the MySQLClient and ADO.Net

    I haven't used the ODBC connection methods since DAO was popular and would imagine many others are in the same boat as it is generally slower than other newer methods.

    I did read a while back that there was some issue with one of the Windows updates under Windows 7 that effected ADO
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