I want to move powerpoint slides (right and left) on a wireless remote, which at the receiver side has arduino connected to computer via USB cable. (Its hardware is ready)

Arduino is programmed to print "R" when given right input and "L" on left input(here to print means to give that alphabet as serial input to the computer).

I have a VB .exe along with .ini file, which is the software i found on a blog ( 2embeddedrobotics.blogspot.com/2013/05/powerpoint-control-using-gesture.html). But the .exe is working only for right movement of slide and not for left.

Can anyone write the VB6 code for moving powerpoint slides right and left on receiving and two alphabets via USB.

The .exe which i've got has options for selecting COM port which is in the .ini file ( frmicon.Text1.text=6 ) and it also asks for copying MSCOMM32.OCX file in system32 folder of Windows XP.