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    How do I do this

    Hey guys, first and foremost sorry if I post this in the wrong section.

    I am trying to figure out how to set up an html page so that when the user access the page it will have standard dummy information, then when the user clicks next it would show my picture and some info on me, then when the use clicks again it shows my brothers pic and some information on him. I've been googling and I haven't really found any pertinent information. I am not really a coder I'm more help-desk but I want to practice to see how it works. Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance.

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    Re: How do I do this

    It depends on how you want the pages to operate. If, for instance, the information and pictures will be static, and you don't need it to change regularly, then you can simply create the pages in a text editor. The buttons will simply link to the next page. On the other hand, if the info will need to be updated regularly, then putting the info and pictures into a database would be one way to handle it. The method you choose may depend on the types of server-side scripting and such that you have at your disposal.
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    Re: How do I do this

    you're probably looking for a technology known as AJAX
    or more down to earth known as XMLHttpRequest (even if the "xml" in that isn't entirely correct anymore and often the result is json.

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