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Gotham City – Unknown year. From the mist of night emerges a black shadow.
Be ready to show courage and self-sacrifice in the war against crime.
Your code can create the foundations of a better world.

Saturday, June 28th, 2014 at 4:00pm UTC, join in the CodinGame contest "Shadows of the Knight" and embody the most famous upholder of the law in Gotham.
This 100% online coding contest is open to developers worldwide, whatever their level of experience.

Objective: in 3 hours, solve two programming problems, choosing from the 19 languages offered.
An opportunity to plunge into a unique world where your code will take life before your eyes through graphic renderings, to have a good time with other programming enthusiasts, to leave with prizes (PS4, Batman goodies).

Practical Info for Participants:

- Participation 100% online
- Free registration, open to all, anonymously
- Average length of events: 3 hours
- 19 programming languages available

To register: