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    Finding in JAVA program whether the system has (/ had) visited a website on Internet

    In my project I am required to create a website. The user (the customer) who visits the website will login and get authenticated. On his/her (the user's) machine a java Swing program would also run which is required to determine whether that website has been visited (in a browser) by the user and whether the user has successfully loggedin to that website. If the java Swing program on the user's machine finds on checking that the user has successfully logged in then the control of the program will proceed in a specific direction and if the program finds that the user was not authenticated then the Java program would proceed in a different direction.
    It is required to have two programs as a website program and a Swing program as part of the same program because of the project use case.
    My question is How can I determine in my Java Swing program what I am looking for?

    Thanks you very much.

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    Re: Finding in JAVA program whether the system has (/ had) visited a website on Inte

    Is there a way the browser can set a value on the server that is associated with the PC it is running on? The java program could then ask the server if that value was set.

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