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    Regex.IsMatch is not working

    EDIT: SCRATCH THAT! I had the arguments backwards!

    This may be more of a regex question than a c# question. I'm learning regex.
    using System.Text.RegularExpressions;
    MyOutput.Text = Regex.IsMatch("^[a-zA-Z]{3}[0-9]{4}$", "abc1234").ToString();
    What I want is to verify via regex that the data is 3 letters, then 4 numbers, e.g. "abc1234". However, it continues to return false no matter what I input. What's wrong with this expression? Thanks.
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    Re: Regex.IsMatch is not working

    Correct is this way :

    Regex.IsMatch("abc1234", "^[a-zA-Z]{3}[0-9]{4}$").ToString();

    The first parameter is input, and the second parameter is pattern.

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