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    Exclamation Storing multiple function calls in an array

    My function returns an int array with 2 values
    Let's say, res[0] and res[1]

    When I'm calling the array in a for loop for multiple times, and when I'm storing the results in another array, in each iteration the results are over-written with the new results.

    If the first call returns [0,1] the array will store [0,1] at index [0] and [1], which is fine, but when I'm calling the function again, the new results are stored at the same indexes [0] and [1]
    How can I avoid that?

    Function Code:
         int[] MatrixMul(string subInput, int[,] key)
                    int[] result = new int[subInput.Length];
                    for (int row = 0; row < key.GetLength(0); row++)
                        for (int col = 0; col < key.GetLength(0); col++)
                           result[row]+= key[row, col] * AtoZ.IndexOf(subInput[col]);
                    return result;
    Calling Code:

     for (int i = 0; i < outPut.Length; i++)
                        encChars = MatrixMul(outPut[i], key);
    I really need some advice, so I can call my function and store all the values in this array.

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    Re: Storing multiple function calls in an array

    what exactly are you trying to build do here...?
    you realize that subInput.Length is actually the number of characters in the string itself
    not a actual value so that if

    subInput = "99";
    in reality the length of it is 2;

    if your intention is that you wish to convert that to a actual value
    you should either tryparse the string
    in fact pass a int to the function

    your only looping the first dimension of that array if i remember right
    either way key.GetLength(0) is being used for the row and col for loops,
    which is probably not right

    i have a hard time looking at [,] those arrays
    i honestly never use anything but one dimensional arrays anymore
    while that [,] feels confusing to me, something like this doesn't
    // just a little food for thought
    public class Int2D
    int[] data;
    public int Width{get; private set;}
    public int Height{get; private set;}
    public Int2D(int width,int height)
       Width = width; 
       Height = height;
       data = new array[Width*Height];
    public int GetValueAt(int x , int y)
       return data[x + y * Width];
    public void SetValueAt(int x , int y, int value)
       data[x + y * Width] = value;
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