Manatee Studios is looking for some volunteers to help with our MMO, AfterMath.

We are a garage start up company, based in Monaca, PA (just outside of Pittsburgh). We are currently building a playable demo of one of the minigames that will be found in AfterMath. We plan to launch this demo as completely free to play, and use it to advertise our kickstarter program to fund the MMO project.
Title: AfterMath
Platform: PC
Engine: Hero Engine
Genre: MMO (FPS)
Environment: Post-Apocalyptic with rampant biological mutations due to viral infection.

We need programmers across the board, including a lead programmer. If you want the lead position, you need some experience. While this is a voluntary position, we will be awarding royalties upon company profit.

Please take note, that this is a MASSIVE project! While I will be trying my best to get more programmers on the team, the entire project team is pretty small, and we have our work cut out for us. It is through hard work and dedication (not just saying the words, but meaning them) that we will get this game developed, released, and played. Before you apply for this position, ask yourself if you have the work ethic to push the boundaries of your personal limitations. Ask yourself if you have the stamina to continue working even when the midnight oil is running low. Ask yourself if you want to see this project finished as badly as I do. If you can answer yes to these questions, then we would be honored to have you on our team. Please sign up at our website: