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    IP camera viewer with Onvif video analytics in C#.NET

    Dear Developers,

    We run a little offine/online hat shop and we've installed a Cisco IP camera in the show-window. I want to manage the video surveillance from code.

    I've found an IP camera NuGet package for building an Onvif viewer in C#, but I need more: I have to count how many people watching the show-window. The CEO wants this for marketing purposes. He wants to know how attractive is our showcase.

    Actually, I found a source about Onvif video analytics, but this whole topic is totally new for me and I feel I'm lost a bit.

    Could you please recommend me a tutorial or a video guide or anything else that help me to implement this feature in C#?

    Any help would be appreciated! Thank you very much in advance!


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    Re: IP camera viewer with Onvif video analytics in C#.NET

    I know the Microsoft Kinect does facial recognition. Search bing or google for "kinect sdk facial recognition". Of course, you have to get the Kinect (which may not be an option for you).

    Btw, I have an older Kinect model, and it definitely can identify faces - shouldn't be too hard to implement a count of folks. Not sure if you would be able to distinguish one person from another, though. On second thought, maybe it's possible. See

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