Hi ,
We are jqgrid to populate data,my idea is to catch filtered data to export to excel

colNames: ['Contact Name'];
colModel: [
{ name: 'Contact_Name', index: 'Contact_Name', width: 120, stype: 'text', sortable: true, editable: true, sorttype: 'text', formoptions: { rowpos: 1, colpos: 1 }, editrules: { string: true} },

Js file ...
postAndRedirect("Helpers/ExportGridToExcel.ashx?filename=" + excelFilename, { excelData: excelData, searchData: $(tableCtrl).jqGrid('getGridParam', 'postData').filters});

In exportgrid.ashx file

DataRow[] data = dt.Select("Contact Name = '" + getfilterdata(context.Request["searchData"] + "'"));
Here i am facing error like syntax error excepton was unhandled by user code..missing operand after 'Name' operator

Not sure where i am missing..Plz help mee