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    Sending data using UDP and TCP protocols can cause malfunction of hardware?

    I made an application for remote control a pc specifically for control the strategy game Age of Empires 3 (so I can control two civs using one pc). The application uses UDP protocol to send the captured image (I inject a dll to the age3.exe proccess and I hook the DirectX EndScene function so every time the game render the application captures the image and sends it). For sound the application uses loopback recording and send it using UDP protocol too. For each image the application sends approximately 80000 bytes each time and for sound 7000 bytes. The application uses TCP protocol for communicating when I use keyboard or mouse. Every time I move the mouse or press a key the application sends 12 bytes with information. The application apparently works ok (I test it running the application for short time and when I considered that the application was almost ready I test it playing two games 2 vs 2 computer players). But recently I am experiencing Internet problems (very slow downloads, very slow navigation, ...). I restarted the pcs and the modem but the same problem. I tried using a notebook with same results. I changed the modem. I communicated with my ISP but they could not solve the problem yet. So my question is: Could my application cause all my problems?

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    Re: Sending data using UDP and TCP protocols can cause malfunction of hardware?


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