We are proud to announce the availability of the latest major release of our unique

FlowSheet Data Workbench in Version 2.0.x

At the same time we have updated and redesigned our website.
The ANKHOR FlowSheet channel on youtube has also been revised and now presents many new tutorials for today released version 2.0.

The graphical editor of the FlowSheet Data Workbench is the most advanced modelling tool for data flow graphs!

The simple and intuitive way of modelling with your data in real-time is supported by powerful functions of data inspection (even on several displays) and a context sensitive help system. Owing to parallel program execution you can model simultaneously while your data flow graph is being executed.

Collaboration in a team as well as seamless integration into the ANKHOR server world establishes the FlowSheet Data Workbench as the central tool for the greatest diversity of data projects.

Check our website : www.ankhor.com

The ANKHOR FlowSheet Community Edition is free !
Even for commercial use...

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Package Manager
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CPU Utilization
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Variable Layout
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