CrowdSourceHire is collaborating with Microsoft for the first time in order to run a competition showcasing how businesses can drive innovation by hiring programmers with original ideas.

The Code4Goal Coding Challenge, which is sponsored by Microsoft and will take place the 28/01/2015 , is for programmers looking to promote their coding skills as well as solve issues faces by companies.

Participants will be asked to develop a product that helps businesses sift through large volumes of resumes in order to help them save time and money Ė while at the same time assisting them in choosing the right candidate.

The competitionís judges include Shaun Clowes, director of product growth and analytics at Atlassian, and Andrew Coates, developer evangelist at Microsoft. The winner will be selected based on speed, accuracy, the cleanliness of their code as well as how innovative their solution is.

Have a look at the contest details :

The Crowdsourcehire's team