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Thread: I need a tutor

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    I need a tutor

    I'm trying to learn more about coding. I'm just starting off with HTML .I wish I knew more but sadly I do not . I was wondering if someone could help me. Teach me . I would be very grateful.

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    Re: I need a tutor

    Have you looked online for teaching resources? This site: is, in my view, absolutely brilliant for starting off, and is free.
    That will teach you HTML which is the basic structure of web pages. It also has lessons on CSS which is how you can style that structure.
    If you want to get into programming then it can introduce you to JavaScript - which is the language you'll need to learn for coding within a web page.

    It may sound old-fashioned but check out the numerous books on the subject of HTML. A search on Amazon returns 13,985 publications, and although the current standard is HTML5, even an older book will still have some valid information. If you have a library near you, see what they have too.

    The great thing about this type of technology is that if you have any type of computer, e.g. a Mac, a PC, Linux, then you can create your own HTML page because it's just a bunch of text in a file that happens to have an extension of .HTM or .HTML, and you can then open that file in your browser to see what it would look like if it were actually published on the web. You really don't need anything cleverer or more complicated than that.

    If you get stuck on a particular problem, there are many forums on the internet, including this one, where other people will give freely of their time to help out. I'd also recommend just reading through the forums because there is so much information you can pick up just by seeing how other people's problems have been answered.

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