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Thread: Programming Ideas

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    Programming Ideas

    I am currently working my way through a c# Book, which is great, and it has very nicely written program examples to work through. But like all books, it just gives you a program to follow in a Monkey see, Monkey do, fashion. This is fine but everybody should know that you haven't really learnt much until you can remember and do it for yourself.
    And so, I am trying to come up with ideas of programs which allow me to cover the same points as the ones in the book so that I can consolidate the knowledge read into my neural network.
    This is quite hard as a low-level programmer and I am here to ask for some assistance with this.
    Currently, the program I would like to cover the same content for is described in the book as follows (hopefully I'm not breaking any copywrite laws by doing this)

    This project covers the basics of defining your own classes, complete with public constructors, methods, and private fields. It also shows how to create class instances by using the new keyword and how to define static methods and fields.

    If anyone could come up with an idea for a simple program which covers these points as a start for me, maybe with a few tips on structure too, I would be very grateful. Thank you.

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    Re: Programming Ideas

    In the Beginning of learning there is DUPLICATION. So the very first step I would recommand is :
    a) Read the book chapter by chapter.
    b) Clear up any word you do not fully understand. This includes not only technical stuff. I really mean whatr I say: EVERY word you do not fully understand,
    c) Get the meaning of it.
    e) Do each example which is done by the book by your own. I mean Type it yourself. Dont copy text out from the book or the material which is maybe added to the course.
    f) Do simple changes in the code and look what happend. For example change a color or a name, what ever.
    Or for example add some things like if you have a class named Person containing a field for the name and the adress change that so you have a field for Firstname, Lasdtname, City Street and so on.
    g) Try using the code by creating some code to insert data into your class.
    h) Use the debugger tool step by step and look to the data so you can see them in the different windos of the debugger

    Its not really possible to give you ideas to creat a specific program as nobody knows whats exactly already learned or not. YOU YOURSELF needs to be creative.
    In the whole programming world there is one thing, IMHO nobody can teach you: Creativity.!
    Jonny Poet

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