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    Error expected identifier before ' &' token

    Hullo everyone, i have been trying to work around this error for a while but i just can not get it fixed. thought i would ask for some help on this forum. I have a struct called alt_dev_s with one of the elements as int(*open) (alt_fd* fd. const char* name, int flags, int mode) to open the file descriptor

    when i try to access the element in my main function i get the above error. Here is my code sample. Thanks in advance!!

    #define ERGO_CMD_GET_ADDRESS   0x11
    #define ERGO_CMD_RUN_DATA      0x40
    #define ERGO_CMD_SET_WATT     0x51
    #define UART_MAX_DATA       20
    /*Global Variables*/
    ergo_run_data_t ergo_run_data;
    u_int8_t ergo_adr_int;
    /* External Functions that are called in the main function*/
    int altera_16550_uart_read_fd(alt_fd* fd, char* ptr, int len);
    int altera_16550_uart_write_fd(alt_fd* fd, const char* buffer, int space);
    int altera_16550_uart_ioctl_fd(alt_fd* fd, int req, void* arg);
    int altera_16550_uart_close_fd(alt_fd* fd);
    //int (*open) (alt_fd* fd, const char* name, int flags, int mode);
    void ergo_get_address();
    void ergo_get_run_data(void);
    void ergo_set_watt(u_int8_t ergo_adr_int, u_int8_t watt);
    void ergo_reset(u_int8_t ergo_adr_int);
    void ergo_break(void);
    int main()
        alt_fd* fd;
        struct alt_dev_s alt_dev;
     /*Open File Descriptor*/
    // I am getting the error on this line
     alt_dev -> &(open) (&(alt_fd) {"/dev/ttyUSB0"}, &(const char) {ttyUSB0},0,O_RDWR|O_NOCTTY|O_NONBLOCK);  
           //Error Handling
    	if ( fd < 0 )
    	printf("Error beim oeffnen");
        return 0;

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    Re: Error expected identifier before ' &' token

    You are confusing struct alt_dev_s and alt_dev types.
    Function call should look like this:
    alt_fd *fd = NULL; // needs to be initialized with some value
    struct alt_dev_s alt_dev;
    int file_desc =, "/dev/ttyUSB0", 0, O_RDWR | O_NOCTTY | O_NONBLOCK);
    if (file_desc < 0)
        printf("Error beim oeffnen");
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