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    issue in converting a parameter to reference


    Please forgive me for my basic c++ knowledge.

    I tried to change one of the parameters of the c++ function to reference (7th parameter of type BearerQOSInfo) , I am getting the following compile error..This may be minor issue but i have been staring at this for sometime.. I hope c++ gurus give me some quick inputs, and is greatly appreciated.

    I just changed the parameter "BearerQOSInfo" to reference type.

    But now getting the following error, even after changing the function prototype to reflect this.

    ransrc/CPGW.cpp:1158: error: no matching function for call to 'CDiaConnection::SendGxDiaCCOnSession(std::string&, RANType, int, u32&, std::string&, u32&, const BearerQoSInfo&, std::string&)'

    The prototype in the header file looks like this:
    ransrc/Diameter.h:481: note: candidates are: static void CDiaConnection::SendGxDiaCCOnSession(const std::string&, RANType, u8, u32, std::string&, u32, BearerQoSInfo&, std::string)

    Thanks in advance for the quick inputs


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    Re: issue in converting a parameter to reference

    Looks like the issue is resolved now, (not sure why changing the paramter to reference also needed to change the declaration to the const)..

    Anyway thanks a lot ...

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